Audio Solutions

Beale Street Audio

Beale Street Audio produces a wide range of built-in acoustics and related electronics.

Thanks to the patented Sonic Vortex technology (compact housing with optimized internal air flow movement) Beale Street Audio acoustic systems do not require the installation of additional back boxes and provide the highest sound quality, generating a rich, deep, clear sound, fully justifying its name in honor of the street of blues and rock and roll in Memphis.

LW and Aurea by Luis Wassmann

LW – world-class acoustics for commercial and home theaters. Aurea – professional acoustics for home use

Senor Luis Wassmann, a guru of High End sound, has been designing and producing acoustic systems with a substantial power reserve, with excellent pulse characteristics and carefully calculated sound pattern for cinemas of any level – from home screening rooms to IMAX cinemas for more than 20 years.

All LW and Aurea products are developed and manufactured in Spain using professional components (speakers, crossover elements, amplifiers), which ensures uniformity of frequency characteristics, high sound pressure and sensitivity.

Lode Audio

Lode Audio streaming music players for multi-zone audio systems.

All Lode Audio products are developed and manufactured in the UK.

It embodies the experience of professional installers, software developers and audio component manufacturers. The quality and speed of transmission of high-resolution audio signal meets all the requirements of private clients and commercial customers.

Lode Audio has developed proprietary network protocol for transmitting audio data and LodeNet control packets, which provides minimal delays and allows scaling up to 64 independent zones for one-way data transmission and up to 256 independent zones in group transmission mode.